A Digital Marketing Agency

A love for digital marketing and advertising fuels our passion for our craft and is proven in the work we do for our clients.

Our Agency

Wassp has been around since 1998, yes 1998! 

Years of advertising experience channelled into new media and combined with vast digital experience has given rise to a top-class digital agency. We have all-round digital skills with a specialisation in all-things social. The team consists of a mix of well honed, experienced ad people and younger, dynamic individuals making their mark on the industry. Being leaner and more agile, our business utilises less processes and departments than larger agencies and this improves turnaround times and communication.

Oh, Size Does Count.

With digital being a disruptive channel, we have crafted an agency that can effectively out-pace the larger agencies and deliver effective ROI’s that will blow traditional advertising budgets apart.

What we do

Social media

We focus on both social media community management and social media advertising, leveraging hard-earned communities and the paid channels to create awareness and solid ROI. We utilise all relevant channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Search Engine Marketing

Wassp runs PPC campaigns across all the major search engines. Google Adwords certified PPC managers handle all accounts directly and employ the latest PPC technique to deliver optimal ROI. We also offer a wide range of SEO services.

Website Development

We offer mobile-responsive web design and development using platforms and technologies like Wordpress, Joomla, PHP, HTML5, Java etc.

Application Development

We offer cross-, multi- or single-platform application development that is tailored for every clients need. This encompasses mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), desktop (Windows, OSX) or web-based (Java).

End-to-end eCommerce

We specialise in an end-to-end eCommerce solution, which includes development (via robust content management systems), an intimate knowledge of data management and fulfilment, and a full eLogistics solution that handles everything from storage to couriers and returns.

eBusiness Solutions

Wassp has a suite of eBusiness solutions that can be tailored to solve a clients unique business challenge from data management, digital assets management, touchscreen devices etc.

Digital Media

Compiling an effect digital media plan is often the difference between a good and a great campaign. Wassp has years of expertise in digital media from programmatic buying like the Google Display Network through to display and mobile banner ads.

Digital Strategy

Talent cannot compensate for a good strategy and Wassp offers all its clients a strategic take on marketing in order to achieve the best possible results. Strategy is the cornerstone of all our work with the ultimate goal being to achieve ROI.

Traditional Advertising

Wassp has its roots in the traditional advertising space and we still offer our clients the option to handle all their advertising needs from one convenient source. Our capabilities span Print, Radio, TV, Press, Display, Billboard, Packaging and Promotional.

Email Marketing

We make use of world-class emailing software and great email design to create wonderful email marketing campaigns that can achieve most goals. This works seamlessly with our focus on CRM and data management for our clients.

CRM & Database

Customer and data management is crucial for our clients and ultimately facilitates a successful digital campaign. Wassp has a strategic partnership with an omni-channel provider with decades of experience in CRM and data.


Wassp takes an omni-channel approach to all of their campaigns. The mobile portion of the digital sphere is growing larger by the day and we run mobile specific campaigns to achieve highly targeted goals. We use mediums like SMS, USSD, MMS, Mobile Display, Mobile PPC etc.


Our Work